December 27, 2009

Alison wants to know if you are going to take the 'bucks.

  • Wendy: how do people in new york feel about that "Empire State" song by Jay-Z?
  • Alison: mostly I hear negative reactions to it
  • Wendy: I feel like if someone wrote a song about LA, I'd be like, cool it
  • Alison: and by that I mean I read negative reactions on twitter
  • Wendy: of COURSE you love New York. you're a fucking billionaire
  • Alison: yeah
  • Wendy: you can buy a taxi and drive it around central park. right? that's what people do in new york?
  • Alison: that's the dream, yes. to own your own taxi
  • Wendy: young broadway dancers say, "someday i'll buy a taxi and drive it around central park!"
  • Alison: it's what so many songs are about
  • Wendy: then i'll buy a subway car and ride it to see the statue of liberty with rudolph giuliani! and the musical "Cats."
  • Alison: I'm going to one day own my own subway car and then I'll charge exorbitant rates to give people rides. I"ll be like Daddy Warbucks. if he had anything to do with subways
  • Wendy: he did
  • Alison: I suspected he did
  • Wendy: that's why they call subways "warbucks"
  • Alison: Ah! I never made the connection before
  • Wendy: there you go
  • Alison: when I'm in a rush I just say I"m going to take the 'bucks
  • Wendy: yes. you do say that
  • Alison: like are you going to call a friend who owns a cab or are you going to take the 'bucks
December 11, 2009

Ethnic Vampires!


I feel like a French vampire with two giant baguette teeth is in order.

December 1, 2009



Someone is about to flying karate kick their way to becoming King of the Internet.




Someone is about to flying karate kick their way to becoming King of the Internet.

September 2, 2009
July 28, 2009

Listen guys, land is free, so let’s just sell it at the Farmer’s Market, okay?

The brilliant thing about this video is that without meaning to this girl does an EXACT impersonation of a seventh grader who didn’t actually read the book giving a book report. Especially maybe she didn’t read the section on slaves. Thanks to my friend Rusty for bringing this to my attention.

June 26, 2009
June 18, 2009
The Sentimentalist - watch more funny videos

Finally, a network show about a quirky detective.

My pal Alison Rosen has interviewed me for her high-tech web show, The Daily Alison. Warning: it contains scandalous revelations about my inability to smoke out of a bong correctly.
Also, I say that when I get married, I want it to be just like that interview. Then I say “I’m already married” but Alison talks at the same time so you can’t hear me say it.
So, Jeff, if you watch this, we are in fact married. That ceremony in Vegas wasn’t just a dream/nightmare. 
Anyway, watch here:  The Daily Alison

May 22, 2009

Please let this be a viral advertisement for Dunkin’ Donuts.